Technical Support Quick Guide - Fairchild Books


1. Help with Signing Up / Signing In
2. Help with redeeming your access code
3. Help with accessing STUDIO
4. Contact Us

1. Help with Signing Up / Signing In

Please Sign Up with the email address you want associated with your account. After signing up, you should receive an email with a validation link that will allow you to create a password and Sign In to Bloomsbury Fashion Central.

If you do not receive the link within 10 minutes please contact us and we will send the link to you. Occasionally a school's firewall will prevent the automated email from reaching your inbox. 

After signing up and creating a password, please Sign In using your email address and password you created. If you have trouble signing in, please use the Forgot Password option to reset your password.

* If you do not receive your validation link or forgot password link within 10 minutes please contact us. We will send the link to you. 

2. Help with redeeming your access code

After signing in, please visit this page to redeem your access code. You must be signed in to redeem your code. 

Make sure to include the hyphens when entering your access code.

If you have any trouble redeeming your code, or if you receive an error message, please contact us. Include a photo of your access code and your account password for speedy response. We will redeem the code for you. 

Please note that an access card can only be redeemed once. You will not be able to redeem a friend's code, so be sure to obtain a sealed access card. 

3. Help with accessing STUDIO

After your code is successfully redeemed, you will see the textbook appear on your homepage. 


Click on the title of the book to be brought to the Table of Contents. On the Table of Contents, the STUDIO resources can be found:

  • at the top under the "STUDIO Resources" heading, as well as
  • beneath each chapter heading as bullet points, with the names "FLASHCARDS," "QUIZ," etc. 

You can access the "STUDIO resources" section at the top of the Table of Contents.

You can access additional STUDIO study tools for each chapter:

It's important to note that the STUDIO resources available differ depending on the textbook. 

Also please note, eBook content is not included in STUDIO or in the print book + STUDIO bundle. Students wishing to use an eBook instead of a print book should purchase the eBook + STUDIO bundle on Bloomsbury Fashion Central.

* If you receive an error message while attempting to access STUDIO content via the Table of Contents, you may be clicking on the chapter heading, which is a link to eBook content. Instead, make sure to click on the links bullet-pointed beneath the chapter headings to access your STUDIO study tools. 

For assistance navigating STUDIO, please contact us

4. Contact Us

Please contact us if you experience any trouble with Bloomsbury Fashion Central. To help facilitate a speedy resolution, include as much information as possible in your request. We may ask you to provide screenshots, photos of access codes, or your account password. Please try to include these things from the start so we can help you as quickly as possible. 

North America:

Our hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm EST. Please use one of the below methods to reach us. 

Europe and Rest of World:

Our hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm GMT. Please use one of the below methods to reach us. 


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